My own stuff for sale

I am selling some of my private collection of books, as it is getting out of hand. eBay won’t accept them, as of course they relate to BDSM/fetish. So I am listing them here. Some are rare, some have stories attached to them, most are in very good condition. I accept PayPal, can ship most of them in the UK for £3 and will gladly get a price for courier delivery to most countries. Each book is marked with my price and (if I know it) the price on amazon. I am happy to answer questions and give you the links to these books on amazon. You can’t see inside these books on here, but I am happy to chat on Skype and hold the books up to the camera, so you can see exactly what you are getting before you buy. If you are interested in any of these items, please email to

Love Me Like You Hate Me, Lessons in Pleasure and Pain
By Venus O’Hara and Erika Lust
Venus and Erika present a luxurious guide to BDSM, lavishly
illustrated in colour throughout, covering Blindfolds, bondage,
toys and accessories, dressing up, dungeons, role play, masters
and slaves, rewards and punishment, films and literature, clubs and
parties, etc. This is the deluxe hardcover edition, complete with satin
handcuffs (unopened), as given to me by Venus O’Hara. Never touched.
The paperback is on amazon priced at £74.45 new or £52.75 used,.
This special hardcover edition is listed on amazon at £77.65. 
Hardcover, 192 pages, 24.5 x 19 cm,. 175 colour photos. 
2010, Femme Fatale, Tectum Publishers, Antwerp, Belgium
ISBN 97-894-90822-06-4
Nerve/ The New Nude
£25   (New from £59.95 on amazon)
Hardback, 145 pages, edited by Genevieve Field. Expensively
produced. “A state of the union on nude photography with a
selection of work from today’s hottest photographers. No
longer restricted to the beautiful but often impersonal, traditional
posed nude, these 150 contemporary images burst with colour,
life and sex. “Nerve: The New Nude” captures the cutting edge of
nude photography and backs it with intelligent and powerful
discourse on a contentious subject.”
DVD £10 (Originally sold for €29.95)
Hardcover, promotion book for my friend Jurgen’s boutique in Brussels and a showcase for the photographer Christophe Mourthé
paperback £5
(kindle is £8.99 on amazon)

Hardcover, fair condition, £5 (original price was £10)

£3  (£7.17 on amazon). Terence Sellers was the famous
New York dominatrix Angel Stern, who I knew well
and remember fondly

£5 (£12.99 on amazon)
£5 (originally £10) The essential guide to top dominatrixes
£5 (originally £10) The essential guide to top dominatrixes
£5 (originally £10) The essential guide to top dominatrixes
A slim femdom zine for femdom lovers £3
£20 for my limited edition large format with plastic binding
(Paperback is £35 on amazon)
£10  (£16.99 on amazon). Well produced hardback,
full of glossy fetish images
£5  ($9.95 in the USA) No longer published – I have the last few

Hardcover, £10 ( The paperback is £14.99 on amazon)

Paperback, £5   (£9.99 on amazon). Martin Millar once wrote
a really good short story to Skin Two magazine
£4 (£7.39 on amazon)
A kinky little zine – £5
£5. Definitely not available on amazon
Paperback £5  (£8.99 on amazon)
£5  (£8 on amazon)
£10 (£76.60 on amazon). Michael Manning is the best
sci-fi/erotic illustrator and a very nice man
A little zine for £10