Takedown at Extremm

At your local fetish club, you’ll find a safe and friendly space to meet people with similar kinks to yours. You might only want to be in the same space as fellow fans of bondage, or rubber, or spanking, or cross-dressing, or fetish stuff in general. Just to chat and socialise – you may not feel the need to actually do anything physical with anyone at all. That’s fine.

Then again, you may want to to find someone to play with. The woman in the rubber catsuit and thigh boots might let you lick her heels. The handsome man in leather might order you over his knee, if you ask nicely. At your local fetish club, if you are polite and you behave like a nice person, this can happen to you. Go along a few times, make a few friends and – always – ask nicely…

Of course, that’s assuming you’re on your own. Perhaps you are going with your partner. If so, you may want to find a quiet corner of the dungeon, to play together and enjoy some erotic time together, away from the kids and the telly.
What if acting out your fantasy involves not just you and your partner – but other people? This too is possible via the friendly pervs you’ll meet at your fetish club

The other day, I was at Extremm, an excellent local group in the West Country. An attractive woman, conservatively dressed in a long red gown, was chatting to her husband and a group of friends. She had a professional look about her – perhaps a bank manager or a local businesswoman, I guessed.

One of the group saw that I’d notice her and whispered in my ear “You might want to stick around and watch – they’re going to do a takedown.”

You may know that the term ‘takedown’ means you grab your victim by force, take them off-balance and drop them to the ground. If you’re a martial artist, or a police officer making a forcible arrest, say. Not something I’d seen in a club, then.
My informant discreetly explained that the lady in red absolutely loved this. Her husband had organised a couple of strong male friends to help and the surprise was planned for later that night. (Well, I say surprise, but you didn’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to realise that the ‘victim’ in this case had a pretty good idea of what was going to happen and was already getting excited…)

Suddenly it happened. Two big guys had her on the ground in a moment. The dress came off at once. She was pretty fit though and no pushover. She fought like mad, kicking and squirming, pushing them off. Another guy and a woman grabbed her. Still she fought on. If you weren’t in the know, you’d swear that an innocent woman was begin abducted. The struggle lasted for quite a while, until finally they had her under control.

Then the woman in red was brought, still writhing furiously, to a wooden cross and strapped on, now totally naked. The fight was over. Husband produced a cat o‘ nine tails, with soft leather strips. The victim moaned with pleasure as he gently flogged her back.

I slipped away and left them to it.

Find Extremm at www.clubextremm.com

* As a rule, cameras are strictly forbidden at these clubs, to preserve privacy. If you’re the local vicar, you really don’t want photos of yourself as a French maid finding their way into the public domain. However, I was allowed to take photos on this night, so these were taken with full permission…