I never intended to be a club promoter. When the founder of the original Skin Two club had to give it up, the fetish scene was already off the ground and other clubs quickly sprang up to take its place, so all was well.

However, I had by then founded Skin Two magazine and some bright spark suggested we do a big public fetish party. The idea was to take fetish out of the closet and show its cool, fashionable side. So we did a big party at The Embassy, which was in Bond Street at the time – certainly out of the closet…

That was my baptism of fire as a club promoter. Nothing like starting at the top. Krystina Kitsis of Ectomorph organised the fashion show and I’ll never forget my horror as a Nazi theme unfolded on stage. This in front of London’s top fashion press…

Luckily they saw it as ironic and cool; we got a massive review in the Guardian next day – two full pages. So I couldn’t be annoyed with Krystina. Just as well really, as we later ran some Skin Two club nights together and she saved me from a multiple murderer. But that’s another story.

Buoyed up by our success in Bond Street, Michelle Olley suggested we go even further over the top. Trust Michelle. So we did the world’s first big public fetish event, the Skin Two Rubber Ball at Hammersmith Palais. This went on for several years and gave birth to imitators arose the world.

Eventually, other big fetish clubs got under way in London. We didn’t want to do do the same as everyone else, so we moved on to do two events at Sydney University in Australia and several years in the USA. Now, we have done five years of Skin Two North in Leeds and we recently started Skin Two Midlands in Birmingham. The idea is to stay ahead of the curve and keep innovating.

More recently, we started very exclusive private fetish dinner parties for forty people only, in a lovely hotel outside London, with a pool and a super restaurant. And a dungeon. Everyone dressed up to the max. These are great fun.

I also have smaller parties for specific niches, including events for submissive women and their dominant partners. That’s The Chardmore Society.

The KFS events are here –

The Chardmore Society events are here –