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Takedown at Extremm

At your local fetish club, you’ll find a safe and friendly space to meet people with similar kinks to yours. You might only want to be in the same space as fellow fans of bondage, or rubber, or spanking, or cross-dressing, or fetish stuff in general. Just to chat and socialise – you may not feel the need to actually do anything physical with anyone at all. That’s fine.

Then again, you may want to to find someone to play with. The woman in the rubber catsuit and thigh boots might let you lick her heels. The handsome man in leather might order you over his knee, if you ask nicely. At your local fetish club, if you are polite and you behave like a nice person, this can happen to you. Go along a few times, make a few friends and – always – ask nicely… Continue reading

Many Paths to Submissive Heaven – and FemDom

Most people imagine that a dominatrix thrashes cringing submissive men with a whip. Hence the term “Miss Whiplash”. That’s the expression everyone immediately understands to mean a woman paid by men to dominate them. Whenever you see an image of a dominatrix used to promote a TV show or spice up a film poster, there’s the key visual of the whip, the riding crop or the swishy cane – and of course the thigh boots. When straight people discover that I’m involved in the world of SM and fetish, one of the first things they ask is why on earth do these weird men long to be beaten and hurt? Having experienced a thoroughly nasty third-rate English public school education, where young boys were caned until they cried, I also used to wonder why, for goodness sake, anyone would so badly want to be beaten that they would actually pay to have this done to them… Continue reading

Advertising Your Fetish Business

Since 1984, Skin Two Magazine has carried the advertising of businesses serving the BDSM/fetish market worldwide. I have seen a lot of fetish businesses come and go over 26 years. So it might be useful for businesspeople in this market if I share a few things that I’ve picked up along the way about what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to advertising and promoting a fetish business… Continue reading

International Fetish Parties & German Fetish Ball

A hundred years ago, Skin Two Rubber Ball was the first and only big international fetish party. Hammersmith Palais was packed to capacity with pervs who’d flown from every corner of the world to be there. It was quite normal for guests to fly from Australia, Japan and all parts of the USA just to be there. On a Monday night, would you believe! We raised a ton of money for charity. There was a book. There was a film. It’s different now. Continue reading

Why is fetish clubbing so much better outside London, when everything else is so much worse?

Why is fetish clubbing so much better outside London, when everything else is so much worse?The fetish scene started in London, back in the ‘80s and the best thing about it was the camaraderie. The explosion of BDSM sex was pretty striking, no question, but my most powerful memories are of the good humoured mutual acceptance of subs, doms, trannies, bondage fans, gays, artists, feminists, academics, writers and rubberists. You’d see a dominatrix talking politics with a lesbian leatherbitch while a sociologist took notes and Mistress Clare tied Nigel to a chair in full rubber – all to the gentle thwack of leather paddles on bare backsides. Continue reading

If You Read it on the Internet, It’s Bollocks

If you read it on the internet, it’s complete bollocks. Doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about BDSM, the general election or alternative medicine. The subject matter is totally irrelevant – it’s all nonsense.

When Gutenberg introduced the movable type printing press to Europe in the fifteenth century, mass communication arrived with a bang, spreading political, artistic and scientific ideas and liberating us from church-controlled dogma. A vital catalyst for the renaissance. Freedom, after centuries of ignorance and repression. A very good thing, surely? Continue reading